Welcome to “DESIGNing 4 the Web”. This blog is an extension of a passion that I’ve followed ever since I first became interested in design. I’ve always had a passion for art and computers, but the two were always separately defined and the choice seemed to be to pursue one or the other. After I caught my first glimpse of the Imaginator in the computer design lab at Sanders Associates, I realized that the two worlds would someday be within reach of everyone rather than just a few. I’ve pursued that idea with a passion ever since. I completed degrees in both graphic design and computer technologies and learned to design and develop code for the Web. Along the way I worked at Adobe Systems, where some of the best tools of this industry are developed. I now own my own Web design company called Chatham Designs LLC, located in southern New Hampshire.

During your visit at “DESIGNing 4 the Web”, my hope is that you discover something that makes a difference or sparks your passion. Never stop pursuing your dreams.

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