24/7 Accessibility

The majority of businesses are interested in a website marketing solution because a website can reach customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Potential and current customers are on the web 24/7 while at work, at home and at play. When searching for products, businesses, services and information, people typically rely on the web. A website that is executed with careful and proper planning will provide positive results. Executed poorly, it can leave a negative impression in the minds of your current or potential customers. This impression occurs in a matter of seconds.

Are you considering a website for your business? Chatham Designs can guide you through the entire process. We have twenty plus years of multidisciplinary experience in design, visual communications, web marketing, web programming, computers and the web.

Our goal is to build trusting relationships with our customers.

Our solution is to create visually pleasing, functional and technically sound websites designed to match your specific vision and needs.

Our focus is to keep costs to a minimum while providing you with expert knowledge and professional services.

There are many do-it-yourself solutions available on the web today. They may look fabulous at first blush, but the majority of them provide only partial solutions and at a certain point can leave you with more questions than when you began. There is also a large base of web service companies, but it’s important to look into their customer support record. But are they flexible enough to provide you with all of the services that you’ll need now and in the future?

A website is something that grows “with” your business. It’s not just a static electronic brochure. Chatham Designs provides professionally designed and fully supported web solutions that are built with your individual goals in mind. Our expertise allows us to help you master the unknowns. We have the experience necessary to visualize the entire project from start to finish and we can offer creative solutions. Visit the Chatham Designs LLC websites page and view some of our custom sites.

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