Selecting a Web Designer

When selecting a web designer, consider this. What is the type of service model the designer or design house provides? Why might you care? Well, because some of the issues that you will be dealing with once your website is launched can easily become huge headaches if they are not fully considered during the selection process. I recommend that you learn the major differences and try to determine the pitfalls, strengths and weaknesses of each method that is offered before you make your final choice about which method you’d like to focus on. Therefore, here’s a list of some of the most common types of service models that designers or design houses offer. Repeating monthly service fee. The one price for the entire web package service fee. There’s also the flat rate per page with add-on items as needed. Which one is right for you?

One price per job solutions are sometimes based on standardized templates and do not typically support custom design changes. Standardized templates use your images, logo and colors and plug them into predetermined locations. They are still standardized templates.

A key downfall to the template approach is that it may be difficult to make changes to the layout once your information has been added. Some companies can provide this service, but actual implementation of the updates may have major limitations. Since skilled web designers are not regularly employed, the service provider may have difficultly incorporating a change that can flow with the original design. This “issue” can affect the entire look and feel of the web sites pages. Changes that have been added to your website “must” flow with the rest of your design. Otherwise, your customers become focused on the design flaw rather than your message. One of the key aspects to look for in long term Web site ownership is the ability to have flexibility in the layout. As your company grows, you want your website to grow too. Make your initial investment count for the long term by chosing a designer that meets your needs from start to finish and beyond.

The monthly recurring fee method locks you into a service contract for a set period of time. Some may find this method desirable, but most find that this type can fall short when it comes to updates. You want your updates to be timely. What do you do when you receive less than stellar service on these multiple fronts? You’ll continue to pay for that less than stellar service just because it’s easier to stay than start over again. Why settle for less, though, when you can have a custom design at nearly the same price?

At Chatham Designs, we understand that your website may be the first visual that anyone ever sees with your company name and logo on it. How do you want your company image to be received? By “partnering” with a custom web designer and producer like Chatham Designs, you receive the greatest flexibility with the most cost effective and up-to-date solutions. We are experts in design, user interfaces, visual communications and web coding and we meet your needs not the other way around.

You’d probably be surprised to know the final cost per page with a website created by Chatham Designs typically runs between $200 – $250 per website page. Contact Chatham Designs today to discuss your website needs. We create designs that “work” for you.

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