Selecting a Web Designer

When selecting a web designer, consider this. What is the type of service model the designer or design house provides? Why might you care? Well, because some of the issues that you will be dealing with once your website is launched can easily become huge headaches if they are not fully considered during the selection […]

Do I Need a Website?

I guess you could Google the subject, but I think you’ll find that the answer is a resounding yes. Today, the first stop for information on a particular subject is a search engine. From home computing to people on the go with a Blackberry, IPhone or smartphone, search engine usage is ever-increasing. Google receives several […]

24/7 Accessibility

The majority of businesses are interested in a website marketing solution because a website can reach customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Potential and current customers are on the web 24/7 while at work, at home and at play. When searching for products, businesses, services and information, people typically rely on the […]